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Florence Art School Bianca Cappello • Art Academy in Florence, Italy

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Sculpture Courses
Academic courses of Marble, Wood, Wax and Modelling.
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Painting Courses
Academic courses of traditional and contemporary painting.
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Art 4 Kids!
Art courses and the puppet theatre
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Children's Summer Camps
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Children's Winter Camps
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Other Courses
Art Courses
One Day Courses
Evening courses
Open Studio - Live modeling
Meet our teachers:
Prof. M.Biagini
About me

Marco Biagini, professional artist in contemporary art and art professor, has been teaching painting, drawing, sculpture and watercolor since 1999 in various schools in the Florence area. These include classes for all ages from children up to university level. (He has taught at: The Santa Reparata International School of Art (2003-2009), Accademia del Giglio, LABA University of Fine Arts, Ad'A, FI1 Art School, Art School Gaudenzio Ferrari, as well as private art lessons at his studio and elsewhere, including the Hermitage Pardini on the island of Giglio, CPA Fi South, The Embassy of Mars and more.)

After graduating in 1998 with a degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (with honors -110 cum laude) Marco embarked on an artistic career and has shown in exhibitions, both solo and group, in Italy and abroad. Many of his works are in Italian and foreign private collections.
His method of instruction, honed through the years, does not follow a standard program, but puts the individual student at the center of the study, following their inclinations and giving guidance in the direction most suitable to them.  Creating a strong empathy with the student is an aid to imparting general knowledge of technical and artistic training, but also gives awareness for the issues and the passions that surround the  process of creativity.

The teaching becomes a journey  across the styles in art history, using examples from artists of all time: from Classical to Medieval to Renaissance, Expressionistic, Abstract, Impressionistic, etc... Creating a broader knowledge of art guides a student towards a personal understanding of what is beautiful and strong in the visual arts. 
We are able to work with students of various ages, from toddlers to teenagers, the elderly, the disabled, from beginners to masters of traditional or contemporary art, to those with special interests.

Our many and very different programs depend therefore on the level of the students. Through an open and ongoing verbal confrontation, a program of classical learning of the various disciplines as well as specific exercises and fun projects, we try in every way to stimulate individual capacities, the inner motivations for creating, and transmit a healthy fascination and a strong curiosity about everything related to art through the ages.

Visit official website: www.marcobiagini.it

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