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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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Art 4 Kids!
All the details.

Art courses for kids and Puppet theatre "Pikuz Schtuz"
Florence Art School

Specialized art lessons for young artists age 6 – 15 years, with or without previous contact with art.

Comunicate through art is a very strong educative experience, our teachers are professional artists with ability to inspire and ignite individual creative development in a fun and meaningfull way.

Our courses are suitable for new and continuing students, kids may use and build on skills and techniques already learned, but it's very important to do new art projects each leson to expand their creativity in new directions.

Classes are kept small ( groups are rescricted to 5 students only )to ensure each child receives individual attention, we always create a personalized course depending on the ability and interest of each child.

Florence Art SchoolFree expression and creativity are incouraged, supported by skill and techniques, lessons are without any pressure and in a fun environment, that's why they are enjoyable for kids.

Techniques that we use are:
tempera ( non toxic ), colored pencils, clay, gesso, paper- mache, watercolors, charcoal, crayon, etc.

Florence Art School

Course program

• Introduction of materials, primar colors, secondary colors, complementary colors
Still life, landscape, portrait ( I Macchiaioli )
Different  types of symbol, scribbles, action painting ( Pollock )
The geometric form, geometrical abstractionism, ( Kandinsky )
Playing with clay, animals
Painting techniques, work with diferent materials and sculpture tools, ( Michelangelo )
Plaster, mold, masks in gesso ( Marino Marini )
Art history, modern art, renaissance
Fairy tales, dwarfs ( Chagall )

Couses are taught in English and Italian.

Puppet theatre Pikuz Schtuz

Incredible trip into the fantasy world!!

Florence Art School A complete workshop that starts with the invention and relization of the characters in paper- mache, goes with clothing fabric, study of voices and dialogues, to the creation of theatre and scenography, to the special efects and choice of the musical background.

At the end of the course kids will do their final performance.

All those who sostains recycling as we do, can bring materias from home: cloth, colored tapes, ribbons, wool for the puppet's hair, cardboard, old newspapers, fairy tales, etc.

Academy will provide aprons for everybody, however, old clothes are recommended.

Minimun duration: 3 months ( 12 lessons )
once a week (  the day is to agree with the school )

Fees: 20 € for a lesson  and 5 € for the materials necessary to build a theatre.

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