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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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Sculpture Courses
All the details.

Florence Art SchoolThe sculpture course is divided in two sections, the marble section and the clay section, beside that we have the anatomyc study hours with the real model.

Marble section
You'll learn how to use Carrara marble, sandstone, serena stone (typical of our area, used in the past by Donatello), beside the knoledge of materials we'll learn how to use tools and general skillness.

Clay section
You'll learn how to use and know all the secrets of clay, plaster, wax, plaster molds, sylicon molds, wood, paper marché taking examples from masters of ancient and modern art You'll learn everything about modeling sculpture.

Florence Art SchoolBoth sections are based on technique, necessary for the endureness and stability of the sculpture.
The life modeling (both feminine and masculine) it's essential to learn human body, develop volumes and tridimensionale understanding, and discover the formal and expressive potentialities offerd by a real model.
The continuos contact with masterpieces from art history and the visits to florentine museums, make every student's visual culture more wide and deep.

The basic drawing courses is vividly councilled to anybody who wants to obtain best results in threedimensional development rendering.

Basic materials as plaster and clay are given by the school, marble and wood must be requested and planned before start the course, and must be payed by the student as an extra fee

Florence Art SchoolThe course is available as BASIC COURSE, STANDARD COURSE and INTENSIVE COURSE.
E each one you choose, you can attend it as BEGGINER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED student, depends on your previous knowledge.

The lessons are taught in Italian, English and Spanish.

Since we make program for each student individually, you can start your course every Monday.

Every student will receive a partecipation certificate at the and of the successful course.

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