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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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Painting Courses
All the details.

In this course, the student learns the fundamental techniques of painting of their choice, modern or traditional,

Traditional technique
Egg tempera, gold leaf, gesso, preparation of colours

Modern techniques
Acrylic, oil and tempera.

Studies are made from real life on classical themes such as still life, portraiture, landscape, and the nude.
At advanced levels, studies may include wider interpretation of pictorical approaches such as abstraction, gesture etc.

Florence Art SchoolPractical studies are combined with those visual in the studio.

Masterpieces throught the history of art are studied to encourage awarnes of expression of the great masters of the past as examples for an investigation of pictorial technique.

The student is always encouraged to express him/ herselfe and to find a personal language with the guidance of the instructor who will stimulate and facilitate a more effective expression.

It's highly recommended that students who do not  have previous experience enroll simultaneously in the drawing course in order to acquire more considerable results.

Supply List

Modern Painting Antique Painting
box of 24 oil colors wood panel
for icons
raw cotton canvas chalk
linen oil rabbit skin glue
turpentine gold leaf
( ottonella )
acrylic gesso pigments
large flat brush eggs
palette knife adhesive for
gold leaf
brushes of various sizes small brushes of
various forms
2 jars with caps 2 jars with caps

each one you choose, you can attend it as BEGGINER, INTEMEDIATE OR ADVANCED student, depends on you previous knowledge.

At the end of the course all students will receive a certificate of attendance, with duration and  name of the course.

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