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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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All the details.

To teach students how to design, develop and execute original illustrations, show design ideas and how to accompany text with illustration.
Teach the different techniques and current methods used in today’s world of illustration and art, so that the students will be able to show their skills in the professional fields of illustration.

During the lessons the students will be able to experience the construction of illustration through various expressive techniques and use different artistic medias such as pencils, inks, watercolors, tempera and acrylic paints.
Each project will be developed through numerous design sketches and then a final piece will be made from the experimental sketches.

Results of study:
At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Have a deeper insight into using illustrative Medias, and obtaining their own illustration language.
  • Create illustrations for a multitude of purposes, and developing them in different styles and techniques.
  • Define a communication project using the illustration.
  • Propose ideas and to support alternative approaches to the illustrations.
  • To develop creative ideas through a succession of sketches.
  • To use the correct process of the creation of illustration.
  • To produce a full illustrated book, and also to learn the page layouts and composition of the book.
At the end of the course all students will receive a certificate of attendance with duration and name of the course.

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