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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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Watercolor Courses
All the details.

Watercolor is one of the most fascinating and immediate painting tecniques. Soft colors and transparency make it poetic and tender. 

It's beauty and hardness lies in the quickness of execution, which may particulary interest those who love sketching surroundings.Working outdoor in small size, or in studio on large ones.

The student begins by learning the different types of paper, drafting specific materials ( Ox gall, Arabic gum, etc ), techniques of application, color mixing, glazing,scratches, highlights, washes, etc. and ends with complete command of the brush and treatment of the paper.

Weather permit, lessons are held in open air in places most caracteristic of Florence.

Supply list

Palette of 12/24 colors in tablets and/or in tubes.
Watercolors synthetic brushes of various forms and different sizes: small, medium and large
Gummed paper block for watercolor, 30X40cm or bigger to skecth outside, or one big size page, to cut later, 300grams minimum. 

It's higly recommended that students who do not have previous experience enroll simultaneously in the drawing course in order to acquire considerable results.

The course is available as BASIC, STANDARD or INTENSIVE COURSE each one you choose, you can attend it as  beginner, intermediateor advanced student, depends on your previous knowledge.

In the afternoon Mon-Fri 2-5pm the course is taught by Marco Biagini

For more info about Teachers, see the homepage in the dedicated area.

At the end of the course all students will receive a certificate of attendance with duration and name of the course.

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