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Art Courses in Florence, Italy • Bianca Cappello Art Academy Florence

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Sculpture Courses
Academic courses of Marble, Wood, Wax and Modelling.
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Painting Courses
Academic courses of traditional and contemporary painting.
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Art 4 Kids!
Art courses and the puppet theatre
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Children's Summer Camps
Discover our Children's Summer Camps!

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Children's Winter Camps
Discover our Children's Winter Camps!

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Other Courses
Art Courses
One Day Courses
Evening courses
Open Studio - Live modeling
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Summer Camps for Kids
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Creative Summer Camps

Program June July and September

Even for this year, the Summer camps in downtown Florence start again!

For the full summer season, Mon-Fri 9:00-13:00 for kids indicatively of age 5-10 yrs old Drawing, Collage, Sculpture, Watercolor, Invenctions, Art history, Illustration, Painting, Recicled materials, Mosaic, Plays and more!
The classes will be held both inside the school that in the main squares of the surroundings!

The June and July program, that will be repeated forward is:
  • Drawing landscape from real, Technique, Perspective, Free plays, Watercolor, Immagination excercise, The castle underwater.
  • Oil pastels, portrait of a friend in real size, Free plays, Tempera, Animals of the park.
  • Charcoal, illustration of a scary tale, Free plays, Natural collage, using leaves, sticks, little stones, etc. setting up a charachter as in Arcimboldi style, Renassaince age.
  • Chalks on paper, San Giovanni Fireworks, Free plays, Fingerprint painting.
  • Wax graffiti on cardboard, Free plays, Poem illustrated with colored pencils
  • Basrelief in colored salt paste, , Free plays, Selfportrait in gouache, how we look like?
  • If you could be an athlete, who you'll like to be? Drawing in pencil, Free plays, Land art outdoor.
  • Plaster cast, natural prints, Free plays, Cooking class, create a face biscuit using Pastafrolla, raisins, cocoa, cinnamon, poppy seeds, etc to cook home later.
  • Let's plant together creating a drawing with them, Free plays, Comics with ink, story of a plant growing.
  • Watercolred pencils, talking hands as in Animani by Mariotti, florentine artist, Free plays, Clay sculpture, Africa's safari.

More info and reservations: 327 194 72 58

The price for the five days Mon-Fri is 100€ each kid. For two brothers and sisters the price is discounted to 180€ for the two of them. We always meet in: Via della Scala 11, ring at Art Studios, third floor, our school location.

We ask for puntuality, please!

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